How Bad Hair Days Break the Self-Esteem

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For most people, having a good hair day would mean no strand is out of place or the hair care products one uses work at their best.

Often, this is a rare feat because there are simply a lot of factors that harm the hair in many ways. Despite the various efforts to manage one’s crowning glory well, bad hair days still loom around the corner.

It is an overstated fact that the hair affects one’s life in every aspect, whether it is in personal or professional dealings.

To understand how the crowning glory and bad hair days could disturb one’s self-esteem, it would be best to consider the following perspectives as pointed out by the psychologist Vivian Diller:

  • The Past Shapes the Present

If a person were to trace history, one would find out that people in ancient times have already displayed importance for their beloved hair. Characters such as Cleopatra and Samson are famous for their locks; the latter’s was symbolic of strength.

Even highly elaborate wigs worn by Greeks and Romans were considered as a sign of one’s social status. That is why it comes as no surprise why people today continue to value the hair like how their predecessors had.

  • What Meets the Eye

Among other features, the hair is one of the most important as it influences the general impression of a person towards another.

The hair emphasizes the frame of one’s face, highlights other features such as the eyes and skin, and tells how a person is with his or her hygiene.

It is a significant attribute that the hair, along with height and weight, is often used to describe a person in social dealings or interaction.

  • The Dictates of Society

Various methods such as cutting, coloring, bleaching, perming, or straightening are available in salons today to transform a person’s natural hair into something that could keep up with trends or fads as dictated by society.

Hair that is styled and well-maintained allows the person to feel like he or she has gained approval of the majority and thus, his or her confidence and attractiveness are increased.

Banishing bad hair days is important for a person to look good and feel good. Having a hair care routine that caters to his or her strands’ needs can help one achieve this.

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